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Marsh Gibbon Parish Council is a local authority and has to work in accordance with legislation passed by Parliament. Marsh Gibbon is situated in the Vale of Aylesbury, one of three administrative districts in Buckinghamshire.

The decisions of the Parish Council are made by elected councillors who either live or work or have business interests in the Parish. Marsh Gibbon Parish Council has seven councillors and they are elected for a four-year term of office. None represents a political party, as is usual in parish councils.

Our present councillors, elected on 6 May 2021, are: Adrian Lambourne (Chairman), Penny Evershed, June Smith, Elizabeth Taylor. Richard W Cross, Nick Lyon and Tom Reveler.

Ian Metherell decided not to stand for re-election; we thank him for his 30 years service and wish him well.

The Council employs a part-time Clerk, who is responsible for the administration and the finances of the council. The Clerk at the present time is Mrs Carole Jackman, email: